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One Clean Carton

We now offer a more sustainable option. Learn how this can help your business.


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About Colbert Packaging

Colbert Packaging is a high speed/high volume provider of sustainable paperboard packaging solutions, serving the pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer goods industries. We produce offset and flexographic printed folding cartons, paper formed trays, pressure-sensitive roll labels and package inserts. Our in-house services include structural design, full-service prepress, paperboard sheeting, ink blending/matching and die making/cutting.

Meet with our packaging engineers to design earth-friendly, secondary packaging solutions to satisfy today’s sustainability requirements.

We’ll work with you to reduce material usage in your packaging design, and we’ll dress the package using water- and agri-based inks, coatings and adhesives, for the complete package. Quality control is assured with our fully integrated, inline digital vision inspection for flawless results every time. 

We’ve got it ALL in One Clean Carton® Is product counterfeiting or retail theft protection a concern? We offer a complete array of overt and covert security features designed to guard against fraud risks. Take 3.5 minutes to learn more about our anti-counterfeit solutions.

Our Services

For product marketers, Colbert Packaging applies industry heritage,
innovative technology, and design to create Safe, Smart, and Sustainable
delivery solutions in which our customers’ products shine.

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Pharmaceutical Solutions

Consumer Goods Solutions


Custom Folding Cartons

Combination Packaging

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Package Inserts

Patient Adherence Packaging


Sustainable Packaging

Specialty Packaging

Vision Inspection

Sustainable Packaging

Yes, you can have it all …
Sustainability + Style + Security

Sustainability isn’t an afterthought for Colbert Packaging. We’ve built it into every step of our manufacturing process. Most of our packaging products are paper-board based, often making them sustainable by default

We’ve Got You Covered!

A Family Company

We’re an independent, family-owned business, based in the Midwest for more than sixty years. Colbert Packaging employees are known for a trustworthy work ethic, along with a passion to please our customers with safe, smart and sustainable packaging.

“What problem can packaging solve for your product? We’ll help you think inside the box.”


-Lon Johnson, Colbert




Corporate Headquarters

9949 58th Place
Kenosha, WI 53144

P: 262-925-4740
F: 262-925-4749

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