Colbert Packaging Announces New Website

Gateway to safe, smart and sustainable packaging for Pharma & Consumer brands

LAKE FOREST, Ill. (December 13, 2018) – Colbert Packaging Corporation today announces the launch of its new and improved website at Under the banner of “safe, smart and sustainable,” the new site features custom packaging solutions, from security inks to source tagging sensors. The site hosts a file exchange portal for pharmaceutical and consumer packaging customers, as well as a link to open positions in its manufacturing and corporate office locations.

Colbert Packaging regards its commitment to safe as offering customized solutions for patient adherence and consumer protection through design and paperboard packaging components. In addition, as a manufacturer and employer, safety in the workplace is paramount.

The term smart describes award-winning, pilfer-resistant and recyclable products manufactured where continuing investment in capital equipment is a priority. Of equal significance, though, is the reference to Colbert’s investment in human capital, smart hiring and career advancement. “A smart, strong employee base is our greatest asset,” said CEO Nancy MacDougall. “As an independent, family-owned business, we respect our loyal, tenured employees, while also welcoming new minds and hands to our workforce.”

Sustainable refers to Colbert Packaging’s dedication to environmentally-friendly paperboard packaging and corporate best practices. On a deeper level, sustainable also speaks to the company’s longevity and independent spirit. President and COO John Lackner said, “Sustainability means more than just packaging. When employees share a common work ethic, family values and a desire to lead with integrity, the workplace becomes a thriving community for future generations. This is the Colbert legacy in action.”

Colbert has manufacturing locations in Lake Forest, IL; Kenosha, WI; and Elkhart, IN. The corporate office is in Lake Forest. To learn more about its pharmaceutical and consumer packaging options or to search for open positions, visit

Colbert Packaging Corporation is a family-owned business with extensive R&D capabilities and a solid reputation for excellence. Founded in 1959, Colbert Packaging has grown its repertoire of paperboard packaging solutions into what has become one of the most comprehensive, diverse and inventive portfolios in the industry. Lake Forest, Ill., is home to Colbert’s headquarters and its flagship custom folding carton operation; flexographic-printed cartons, pressure-sensitive roll labels and package inserts are produced in Kenosha, Wis.; and a folding carton, rigid setup box and paper tray forming facility is located in Elkhart, Ind. Learn more at