Colbert Packaging Installs New Inspection Software QA System

LearyVIEW Array™ QA system improves quality and speed to market with less waste

LAKE FOREST, Ill.Colbert Packaging Corporation, a premier provider of paperboard packaging solutions, announces implementation of a new Leary Array™ quality assurance system with LearyVIEW Print. Providing sharper and more consistent accuracy than traditional uncontrolled manual inspection, the new system returns the earliest possible detection of quality defects from blemishes to imperfect lot/date panels. The system was installed in Colbert’s Elkhart, Indiana location, giving Colbert Packaging the distinction of having 100% vision inspection capabilities throughout all three of its manufacturing facilities.

“The new Leary QA system has a camera that scans the entire carton against the approved customer-supplied proof for visual quality defects,” says Nick Stober, Colbert’s Elkhart production manager. The LearyVIEW has Eye C lnspection software that allows for 100% inline inspection for quality defects at up to .4 milimeters (1/64 in.) and speeds of 400 meters/minute (1300 feet/minute). It enables defect detection such as missing copy, dots, streaks, oil spots and any imperfection on the printed surface. Individual defective cartons can be kicked out without affecting the production run.

Chris Leary, director of sales at W.H. Leary Company states, “For many of our customers, there is a real advantage in retro-fitting print inspection technology to existing folder-gluers. This saves valuable time from sorting potential defects, and ensures all cartons produced meet the requirements of the end customer.” This means Colbert’s pharmaceutical and consumer customers receive product faster with greater quality assurance.

Colbert has manufacturing locations in Lake Forest, IL; Kenosha, WI; and Elkhart, IN. The corporate office is in Lake Forest. To learn more about its pharmaceutical and consumer packaging options or to search for open positions, visit

Celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2019, Colbert Packaging Corporation is a family-owned business with extensive R&D capabilities and a solid reputation for excellence. Founded in 1959, Colbert Packaging has grown its repertoire of paperboard packaging solutions into what has become one of the most comprehensive, diverse and inventive portfolios in the industry. Lake Forest, Ill., is home to Colbert’s headquarters and its flagship custom folding carton operation. Flexographic-printed cartons, pressure-sensitive roll labels and package inserts are produced in Kenosha, Wis., and folding cartons and paper tray forming is handled in its Elkhart, Ind. facility. Learn more at