My Role

I am mainly responsible for buying the paperboard and corrugated cases…1) in a timely manner, 2) at the best price available, and 3) within inventory constraints (such as floor space).

My Day

I go through daily schedules to verify that materials are on hand. I review new material requirements to figure out if materials are already on hand or if they need to be purchased.

I Enjoy

Working with numbers…Hearing Marvin, my office mate, sing (he brings me to tears every time)… Getting paid!

As a brand, Colbert Packaging has a very good reputation in the industry. I try not to do anything that would tarnish that reputation. That means buying the highest quality materials, AND being a good citizen in the community.

EVERYONE, from Nancy (our CEO), and John (our President), to office support staff, and factory personnel across all three locations, plays an important and integral part in getting our products delivered to our customers in a timely manner and with the highest quality possible.

This may sound cliché, but the thing that really makes Colbert a great place to work is THE PEOPLE. I’ve been able to work with, and learn from, so many amazing people over the 33 years I’ve been here. We have a very diverse work force and I think that gives everyone an opportunity to share their own unique perspectives and talents as it pertains to making Colbert a great company.

Well that…and casual Fridays.