Vision Inspection

100% Vision Inspection Technology
Means Defect-free Packaging

See the Colbert packaging quality control difference – providing you with 100%
fully-integrated inline digital vision inspection for flawless results every time.

Do You See What ACCUCHECK Sees?

Across all of our manufacturing facilities, your packaging will be produced using high-speed vision technology, during all phases of production, that eliminates errors and print defects by inspecting each piece against your approved proof … in nanoseconds!


Global Vision Artwork Inspection

  • Ensures error-free prepress by verifying graphic files accurately.
  • Provides Braille inspection and verification instantly.

Printing and Finishing

AVT Print Vision Orion with Helios Technology

Bobst Accucheck Inline Inspection

LearyVIEW ArrayTM Print Quality QA System 

  • Lightning speed inline inspection automatically ejects press sheets and carton blanks containing print flaws or die cut errors and removes them from the line.
  • Uses pinpoint accuracy to target specific zones for various quality criteria.

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